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Public Speaking

"Adam is one of the most inspiring young speakers I've come across, who doesn't sell anything but is just himself. When he shares his life story and joy for life, you listen and get infected, whether you're 14 or 60 years old."

-Magnus Åkerlind, father of two and works for the Ekskäret Foundation



Antidote to screens

This is the essence of my work. Sharing the wisdom I've acquired with future generations.

Due to my work in schools throughout Sweden, SEI (Stockholm Environment Institute) selected me as the "World Improver of the Month.

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Revitalize Your Business with the Power of Nature and Resilience.

Through my lectures on topics such as stress resilience, adventure, nature connection, and nervous system regulation, I share insights aimed at creating a harmonious corporate culture. With my unique expertise and life experiences, I can guide your company towards reduced stress, fewer sick leaves, and increased zest for life. Book me for an inspiring lecture that will take your company to new heights.



Nature, Neuroception and Adventure 

Feel free to book me as a speaker or workshop facilitator for events or festivals. Contact me now to arrange a talk that will captivate and inspire your participants.

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