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My role in filmmaking is either director, model or producer depending on the project. Everything I create has its roots in my love for nature and the natural way of living.


Love Like Nature

To the roots

I had the privilege to visit various indigenous tribes in South and Central America. In the Amazon rainforest, the Desert of La guajira, Mountains of Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta and the Ocean on the east of Panama. 


This film asks the question: What is the natural way? And is currently on tour combined with a inspiring workshop. Planned to be released on a digital platform 2024.

Chasing The Elements

The ultimate connection

A documentary depicting a 30-day trip starting at the border of the Arctic Circle and finishing at North Cape. 10 curious souls, both professionals and rookies, explore nature's elements through hiking, surfing, windsurfing, paragliding and downhill skateboarding.

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Brand commercial

Corporate heart-fullness

If you run a business that values natural connection and human heartfulness and want content. I might be your guy. 

I have experience both as model, director and with storyboard. 


Reach out and send me an email if you are interested in working together. 

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