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Find one that suits you or customize your own

  • 40 day coaching

    5 500kr
    Five 1-on-1 sessions (550€)
    Valid for 6 months
    • 1 introduction call
    • Customised exercises between sessions
    • Email/text suport during program
    • 5 private sessions
    • 60 min each
    • 1100 SEK (110€) per session
  • 4 months coaching

    9 000kr
    Ten 1 on 1 sessions (900 €)
    Valid for 6 months
    • 1 introduction call (45 min)
    • 10 private sessions
    • Customized Exercises between sessions
    • 60 min each
    • 900SEK per session (90€)
    • Email/text suport during program
  • 1 year coaching

    32 000kr
    Forty 1 on 1 sessions (3200€)
    • 1 introduction call (45min)
    • 40 privat sessions
    • Customized exercises between sessions
    • Email/text suport during program
    • 800SEK per session (80€)
    • 60 min each
    • Email/text suport during program
  • Meting Around Fire

    1 500kr
    Every month
    3 months closed group program with IRL sessions in Stockholm
    Valid for 3 months
    • 12 group-sessions around the fire (3 per month)
    • 4 full day activities (During last weekend each month)
    • Discount on privat sessions
    • Powerful healing community and new friends
    • Monthly payment
    • Email/Text suport during program

“Thanks to the sessions with Adam I feel more capable of speaking up for myself. Past experiences and the nature of my work gave me the tendency to always put other people first. I often neglected my own feelings and became more controlling in other aspects of my life. During the sessions I released these parts of myself that were holding me back.


Now I feel that the connection I have with the people that I love is more real and honest, and not based upon dependency. So nice because I really believed that only if I behaved in a certain way I could have deep connections with people…

All of this was only possible because I felt very safe in Adam’s presence. Thank you so much”

Alin Hupert 27, Psychotherapist

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