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Those who seek my support include:

1. Entrepreneurs or athletes seeking stress-free performance without relying on anxiety suppressants.
2. Spiritually curious individuals yearning to integrate spirituality into their daily lives without spiritual bypass.
3. Men who seek to live in harmony with their true masculinity beyond the narrow framework dictated by macho culture.
4. Parents seeking greater family harmony without resorting to punishments or bribes.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

“Thanks to the sessions with Adam I feel more capable of speaking up for myself. Past experiences and the nature of my work gave me the tendency to always put other people first. I often neglected my own feelings and became more controlling in other aspects of my life. During the sessions I released these parts of myself that were holding me back.


Now I feel that the connection I have with the people that I love is more real and honest, and not based upon dependency. So nice because I really believed that only if I behaved in a certain way I could have deep connections with people…

All of this was only possible because I felt very safe in Adam’s presence. Thank you so much”

Alin Hupert 27, Psychotherapist

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