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ISAF World cup Palma de Mallorca

I had been training on a high intensity for exactly two moths when I started resting before the competition.  When my body started to relax for the first time in a long time I started to feel pain in some of my muscles. So either my mind or my muscles was fully rested when the regatta started. After the first day of racing I felt completely destroyed and I did not recover very good after that. When I did not achieve the results that I had expected I felt more frustrated…

Well now its just time to learn from ones mistakes, recover both mind and muscles and read some “never give up” and “learn from your mistakes” quotes to feel better and to make a nice comeback on the next world cup in Hyeres in two weeks:

never give up never give up never give up


The biggest world cup

We are now over 80 guys registered! More and more people are starting to fill up the club here on Mallorca and you can really feel that the competition is getting closer.

At the moment I am almost all set with the equipment I am going to use and the training that should be done before the event. After that I will just have to make sure that I get some good rest and get in the right mindset before the regatta starts.

Here is a promo vid for the event:

Good energy in Alicante

After almost two months of hard training and many hours spent on the water here in Spain, it gets hard to motivate yourself, to have energy and to keep pushing. I went to Valencia to do the Master Golden Series in Valencia. My energy was low and my motivation was low, basically i just wanted to go back home and rest..

Ivan Pastor picked me and Sebastian Fleischer up in Valencia and took us to Alicante. In Alicante we where staying in Ivans apartment  we meet two new happy friends Blanca and White. You can see Sebastian hanging with them below.Blanca and whiteWe had great conditions and I could feel that my energy and motivation was coming back! Now i just arrived to Mallorca with a good feeling and a lot of energy ready to do my best on the world cup that starts in two weeks.

Her is some pics from master golden series in Valencia  and then training in Alicante: Valecia start Alicante no hads Alicante relaxt alicante team Aliccante 3 Aliccante 33 AliccanteAliccante2

The Scandinavian training camp in Cadiz

To keep on improving when you’re on a high level in a sport you have to train hard. Especially if you want to be good in an class like RS:X windsurfing, because the level of the guys in the top is very high.

So what I am doing right now, here in Spain is pretty much only eating, sleeping and spending time on the water, windsurfing. It is not super nice because is cold and rainy at the moment.

But the badass feeling of improvement and snacking in between is way to sweet to stop 😉

Here is some clips from our training:

Training in Spain

Now I have been home in Stockholm for about one week. The training camp we had in Cadiz, Spain was very giving! I am happy to finally have a coach to work with, we had all kinds of conditions and a lot of time on the water. Which was exactly what I needed, because right now I am working on getting more consistent.

Here is a short edit I made from the two weeks training camp in Cadiz:

Tomorrow I am flying back to Spain to stay there during February! I feel very exited to get back on the board and train with my good friend Sebastian Fleischer who I was training with in Alicante and on Gran Canaria ( click here to see that trip ).