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Land Rover roadtrip!

Out of all the trips I have been on this was the craziest one, by far. Me and Sebastian Fleischer my training partner from Denmark, borrowed a Land Rover from KSSS and started our trip. It took us 36 hours to drive down all the way through Europe to Alicante, to do a training camp with two RS:X legends Joao Rodrigues from Portugal and Ivan Pastor from Spain. 

After that we had two days of amazing surf in Portugal before we took the ferry to Gran Canaria.

On Gran Canaria we had very good training with a big fleet and nice surfing almost every day.

Check out the video blog from the trip right here:


After studying like a motherf#%%ker  until graduation and then starting to train directly afterwards for the europeans I feelt like I needed some real vacation. So I took of directly from Brest left Carson on the airport in Paris then picked up Gustaf Ytander my old friend from back home. We went on a sweet ass roadtrip, sleept under the sun and in tent all around southern Europe.

Quite a change

Yesterday I left the scorching sun of Oman and today I have been skating around on the ice in the archipelago outside Stockholm. I guess it’s not very often that you get to experience a difference in temperature of 50 degrees wrapped in such a smooth and exciting trip.

Adventures in Oman

Two days ago I traveled to Muscat, Oman. I didn’t know who was going to meet me, where I would be staying or what the coming days would be like, but it all turned out very well and we’re having a great time. Yesterday Koray, coach of the Oman team, took us out sightseeing. Check out the video!

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