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Kite race at Gålö

This weekend we successfully held the first kiterace competition in Stockholm. Around 20 competitors and roughly the same amount of people on the beach at Gålö. All very lucky with the conditions.  Björn was the race director and did an excellent job setting up the track and explaining the rules. Filip managed both to take heaps of photos from the boat and beat me in one heat. Beginner’s luck I guess 😉 …needless to say he threw off a spectacular crash in the final, eliminating both himself and some guy downwind.

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Rendezvous Varberg

Yet another exciting weekend on the West Coast of Sweden. I met with loads of kitesurfers from all over the country and the weather conditions were good. On Sunday I participated in my first big air competition. The rules are pretty straight forward; longest time spent up in the air wins. Expectations were not sky high since I never even tried these kind of jumps before. Though once it started I could feel my competitive instinct take the upper hand. My best jump took me for a 5.5 seconds ride in the blue which was enough to reach the semifinal. It felt great!

120916_apel-1 120916_apel-2